The Young Journalist Academy - Background:

The Young Journalist Academy began in 2008 and quickly became the UK's leading youth journalism training scheme.

The programme provides schools and young people with access to professional levels of training in media production and journalism. This includes:

  • Article Writing

  • Filmmaking

  • Radio Production

  • Photography


YJA has been incredibly successful and generated a global profile with over 30,000 worldwide hits a month!

Our programme of online courses is now available so it has never been easier to become a published journalist. Begin developing your skills, portfolio & career in journalism today by clicking the button to Join YJA!



Learning About Culture - EEF & RSA

We are NOW RECRUITING schools to join The Young Journalist Academy and be a part of the Learning About Culture trial with the EEF & RSA


Now in its 10th year The Young Journalist Academy works with schools on the following areas:


  • Establishing a schools based newsroom

  • Writing Articles for a real world audience 

  • Filmmaking

  • Radio Production 


A strong element that runs throughout the programme is the focus on writing as well as the following areas:

  • Improved attitudes to learning and education 

  • Self Efficacy - effecting change in reading writing speaking and listening 

  • Self Regulation - capacity to critically analyze information 

  • Increased Motivation leading to improved academic attainment