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We have provided professional services to a wide range of organisation as well as schools, offering the following support

Strategic Advice & Guidance


We have adivsed local authorities, national agencies, schools and community groups on the design, delivery and resourcing of strategic level programmes of support within and across the arts & education sectors. We are acutely aware that individual circumstances call for unique and tailor made solutions and we pride ourselves on delivering a personalised level of service, which learns as it evolves, galvanises support and ulitmately delivers high quality outcomes. 


For schools our support takes the form of 

- Departmental Reviews,

- Monitoring and Evaluation 

- Full CPD programmes designed to meet individual need in a diverse range of arts and cultural activities

- Maximising impact from spending eg. Pupil Premium, Gifted and Talented, SEND, FSM

- Peer to Peer support and Mentoring

- Establishing innovative ways to build character in children and young people

- Improving attendance and behaviour support services

- Forging links with Creative Industries


Event & Project Management

Over the last 10 years the team behind Paradigm Arts has been responsible for developing and delivering a range of arts education projects and events. These have been designed to improve the value, visibility and cultural impact attached to the work produced by children and young people.


Our passion is not only aligning the best arts and cultural practitioners to work in collaboration with schools and arts partners, but also helping to promote routes into the creative and cultural industries.


We develop unique experiences based on our pre-existing strategic models which support the development of Talent aligned with appropriate qualifications to promote attainment.


We can help you build and deliver exciting events and projects and with our pre-existing networks we can help reduce costs. Use the contact form to enquire about the support we can provide.


Cultural Planning & Programming

We have worked across strategic patnerships and cultural agencies to design and develop initiatives, bids and grant applications to maximise the value of pre-existing work by bringing added value experiences or re-consolidating the delivery programmes to achieve greater impact.


Our work has led to improved levels of effieciency and greater demonstrable impact from expenditure, ensuring that stakeholders and communities benefit the most from any planned or programmed work.



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