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The Flix Awards

The FLiX Awards is an annual film awards ceremony aimed at promoting and supporting the creative work of children and young people aged 4-19. With Academy Award winner Jim Broadbent as its Patron the event brings organisations and industry together to support and champion filmmaking in the classroom and as a way of showcasing the next generation of talent.

If you would like to know more about The FLiX Awards make sure you visit or click the logo at the top of this page to visit the website.


Paradigm Arts is proud to be one of the events main organisers and provides schools with a range of support to help develop the use of film and filmmaking within and across curriculum provision.

  • CPD Training for Staff 

  • Film making workshops for pupils - 'learning alongside' for staff


If you would like help developing you film making support for pupils or would like to learn more about The FLiX Awards and the integration of film making activities as part of your curriculum - use the contact form and get in touch.

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