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Inspire Dance

Inspire Dance is an innovative support package designed to provide schools with the skills and resources they require to enhance, develop or kick-start their dance offer to pupils. The flexible programme aims to meet the requirements of each school and can be tailored to their individual targets, needs and aims.

InspireDance can offer some or all of the following exciting opportunities to develop dance:


· High Quality Dance Tuition – teaching from specialist dance artists who can deliver lessons using a range of creative dance styles, whilst also bringing new knowledge and refreshed insights into a school’s dance delivery


· Professional Development for Staff – delivery of the ‘On With the Dance!’ Training course which is designed to improve teaching staff’s understanding of how to deliver dance to meet National Curriculum standards


· Mentoring, Advice and Dance Guidance – specialist support to enhance and develop dance provision


· Talent Identification Pathways – support signposting gifted pupils into advanced level dance groups led by professional dance artists


· Access to U.Dance (a Youth Dance England initiative) performances at local and county level


· Access to Arts Award and/or Dance Leadership Qualifications and links with Arts Mark status


· Support upskilling teaching staff in dance expertise and knowledge including what’s on in the local area, regional and national dance initiatives, performances and exhibitions at Lincolnshire One Venues, and local arts festivals


· Connectivity to other, sports, visual and performing arts programmes in partnership with other organisations



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