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Ensuring quality!


Paradigm Arts is delighted to be able to call upon the professional support of a diverse and talented group who help ensure that the work we deliver always adheres to the highest possible standards both of research and practice. Our extended team provides us with the necessary safeguards and professional challenge to ensure that when we work with you, we are always offering the best quality possible.

Kate Atkins

Kate has worked with young people with learning difficulties and disabilities for the last 8 years. She specialises in literacy and has recently completed a level 7 qualification 'Difficulties in Literacy Development' examining the causes and effects of dyslexia, socio-cultural perspectives as well as specific interventions to help counter its effects in children and adults. Kate is committed to supporting children of all abilities to ensure they reach their potential.

Jan Kemp
Kirsty Dring

Kirsty Dring is a qualified teacher of Art & Design with over a decade of experience in the secondary sector. In 2008 Kirsty became a freelance visual arts consultant delivering a vast range of creative workshops to all ages and offering support to Local Authorities, schools and community projects. Kirsty is passionate about engaging people with effective arts education and celebrating all forms of creativity. 

Steve Russell

Jan specialises in English and Literacy. She is also the creator of SlamJam, and can help your school get the most out of this competition. Working with teachers to plan a SlamJam unit, Jan will give you guidance on how to go about the writing  process, and how to prepare pupils for performance.   Making links with the new Curriculum ensures that work on SlamJam is an effective way to prepare pupils to read like a writer – and write like a reader.

Steve has a particular interest in developing pupils' emotional literacy and leadership skills. Using creativity as a means to explore how Transactional Analysis and solution-focused thinking can serve as tools to empower and foster growth. He has synthesised over 20 years experience in behaviour, well-being and leadership into his own consultacy firm Beyond Behaviour. Steve is particularly interested in helping people unlock their potential - be they pupils, staff or parents. 

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