SlamJam Believes In…


VOICE -  that young people need opportunities to find, develop and publicly present their voices.

EXCELLENCE - that young people should be challenged to produce the best writing, and find their own voices, in the best way they can.

COMMUNITY – that young people work individually and collaboratively, supporting each other, being critical friends, and sharing an experience that builds relationships across and within school communities.

INDIVIDUAL and SOCIAL TRANSFORMATION – that the project challenges young people to take risks; to think about wider issues, and voice opinions.

THE POWER OF THE SPOKEN WORD - that our choice of words matters, and affects our ability to connect with others and have an impact on other people’s perceptions of the world.


Why Does It Matter?

  • SlamJam encourages excellence, builds confidence, and builds a sense of community. 

  • It offers young people an opportunity to publicly present their ideas.

  • It can lead to personal transformation, as young people take risks and move out of their ‘comfort zone’.

  • It can lead to social transformation, as it encourages young people to think about issues that concern them and their community, and voice their ideas in a way to have an impact on an audience.



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