We are delighted to announce the launch of The FLiX Awards

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Over the last decade the team at Paradigm Arts has provided Strategic Advice and Guidance to local authorities, national agencies and schools. We have been advocates and agents for Cultural Planning and Programming and have an extensive track record of managing and delivering large scale events and projects.


Most important of all we have helped improve the lives and future prospects of thousands of children and young people.


Our support comes in three main forms: 

Strategic Advice & Guidance

Cultural Planning & Programming


We help REVIEW existing and planned provision. We work with you to ASSESS the quality of the provision in place and the areas for improvement. We work collaboratively to IDENTIFY strategic outcomes and...


...finally, we design and create your purpose built PROGRAMME of activity.


The process of developing a quality assured, well targeted and expertly delivered Arts and Culture Offer doesn't have to be complicated and time consuming - on the contrary, with our help and continual support the process can be fun, enjoyable and more importantly offer significant outcomes for pupils, parents, teachers and school communities.


With over a decade of experience in supporting schools to achieve the most from local, regional and national level opportunities and an extensive network of highly respected programmes of support, Paradigm Arts are the perfect partner for achieveing a well balanced and meaningful curriculum for your pupils.


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Event & Project Management